World Axis Trading Company (WATCO) is a firm specialized in the general field of lighting, mainly in the high-end architectural lighting products. WATCO was established in 1995 and currently located in Khalda, Amer Bin Malek Street near the New English School (please see attached map) Our services are to design and supply lighting concepts and systems and revolutionize the current conception and understanding of lighting in Jordan. We fully understand and are capable of adjusting to client's moods and aesthetic styles; whereas we are able to propose the most appropriate combinations and solutions while keeping in mind and conforming to budget constraints. Our bouquet of manufacturers was carefully selected and assembled baring in mind such criteria as quality, style, price competitiveness (see list of representations / agencies). Finally our main goal is to live up to and uphold our slogan "Let There Be Light" in the most professional manner meaning smart prices, prompt delivery, honor of warranties, and after sales service. We hope to be at your service regarding all your lighting needs and wish to see you in our showroom at your convenience.

Company Set Up:
1) Management : Eng. Raid A. Haddadin - Director / Partner & B.S. Civil Engineering
2) Sales & Marketing : Eng. Ahmed Muhaisen - BSC. Electrical Eng. / Eng. Alla Fityan - BSC. Electrical Eng. / Eng. Ala'a Haddadin - BSC. Electrical Eng
3) Accountant & procurement : Mr. Abdel Raheem Alarjan-Accountant. / Ms. Maha Abu Anzeh- purchasing department / Total No. of employees (8).