[ Mission statement ]:

We will build on Alahlia Superstore’s reputation and capabilities as we take on the challenges of the new century. Our long-term vision is to be the supplier of the highest quality products and services that provide the best customer value. We intend to fulfill this vision by concentrating on the corporate objectives that have brought Alahlia Superstore to its present level of successes.

[ Goals and objectives ]:

· Constantly improving quality and services.
· A family of people working together.
· Products that appeal to customers.
· Product cost competitiveness.

[ Store development ]:

We have improved our quality and invested in new products, modernized and built new departments and increased efficiency. Our R&D department holds a training session once a week so as to invest in employee self improvement & efficiency. All designs seen on Ahlia Superstore Walls,brochures,posters…you name it….are created in-house. We constantly update the designs such as the “informative design” seen at the deli section. We constantly develop new ways to maintain the hygienic atmosphere of Alahlia Superstore. Let your hands tell you how clean our store is whether they are holding onto a cart or a product from the shelf. Location: we are located on Queen Noor street in Alshmesani district, a couple of km away from Alswafieh and Abdoun (west Amman) and a couple more from downtown.