Jordan National Bank PLC., was one of the earliest national banks to be established in Jordan in 1955. It operates 54 branches and offices in Jordan, 35 of which are in the Greater Amman Area, Al Ahli International Bank SAL a subsidiery 85.5% owned by Jordan National Bank with 11 branches 8 operating 3 under establishment, International banking unit in Limassol-Cyprus, and 5 branches in Palestine (West Bank).

The Bank's total sheet footing as of 31/12/2000 JD 1.2 Billion (US$ 1.7 Billion ) while shareholders equity amounted to JD 66.4 million (US$ 93.7 million). The Bank's capital reached JD 42 million (US$ 60).

The Bank's principal activities include retail and corporate banking services, such as deposits in JD and all principal foreign currencies, lending, trade finance, foreign exchange, credit cards and investments.

Jordan National Bank is regarded as a retail bank with a strong market position and customer base.