To lead development of laboratory medicine services in the local and regional markets through the establishment of highly trained medical technologists, utilizing state of the art technology, instruments and health care professional services.
International Canadian Laboratories is a multinational share holding company established in Jordan in the year 1998 and in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Palestine in the year 2000 according to the new health regulations and foreign investment laws.
ICL is to provide laboratory medicine services which include, technical know how, applicable solutions, managerial aids, health resources, recruitment, training and upgrading of services and resources. It also provides all necessary computer software, laboratory aotomation and complete network solution as wellas international accessibility of data and information world wide. All this can be called a managed automated laboratory services(MALMS).
ICL is targeted to become among the leaders in providing laboratory medicine services through a team of highly qualified & specialized trained health care professionals, medical technologists and health care personnel, utilizingan integrated laboratory management and information technology services within a customer riented environment in Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Saudi Arabia and soon within the entire Middle East.