The art of Mosaic came into being over three thousand years ago on the shores of the Mediterranean. After this time the world of Art was never the same. The enduring and magnifient art became basic to the esthetic perfection of various forms of architecture.

Moreover, the examples of mosaic artwork that have survived until today, remain as a testimony to their original beauty and splendor and are no less breathtaking today than the day were created.

The Middle East and North Africa have been endowed with a wealth of breathaking examples of this Art. Splend mosaic decorate the thousand ruins throughout this region. At a certain point the art of mosaic virtually disappeared and remained dormant for thousand of years.

However, in the 20th century and more specifically in 1994 in a small country called Jordan, this great art slowly arose from its state of dormancy, as a result of the establishement of a small studio in the area and our mosaic artwork has reached Europe, The United States, India and the Gulf States.
Heritage for Art in Architecture has become one of the driving forces behind the revival of this unique form of Art in Jordan.

Since our establishment in 1994 we have been able to produce unique works of Mosaic Art that decorates walls and floors of villas, businesses and flats. The establishment and success of our studio comes as a result of a passion for the Art and a sense of responsibility towards preserving an important artistic tradition that is basic to the Jordanian Cultural Heritage.

Of course Heritage for Art in Architecture could not have become successful without the decoration of the 17 Arab artisans who are the true miracle workers.

Our team creates beautiful
mosaics with loyalty, dedication and love for perfection.

To produce our mosaics, we use predominatly local raw material. Jordan has an interesting variety of stones with around 21 different colors. Therefore, our produtions are not only made in Jordan, they are made by Jordanian, using Jordanian raw material. We consider this to be a winning combination, which gives us pride Heritage for Art in Architecture has taken on different streams of production. Each stream satisfies a certain clientele. However, all heritage artwork is produced with pride and care and will remain as a symbol of beauty.