Dahlan tours and travel welcomes you to Jordan. Established in 1996, we are the freshest apple in the box : our staff are young, active and highly creative, prepared to tailor your tour of Jordan to suit your budget and tastes.

Our tours takes you from the lowest point on earth at the Biblical dead sea where the prophet lot fled the fall of Sodom to the heights of the Alsharah mountains housing the rose red city of Petra, the monument of the ancient Nabateans.
Finally, we would like to indulge you in a little rest and relaxation, we invite you to camp under the stars in the majestic expanse of Wadi Rum, an astonishing sensational view, nature lovers can rest in " gods heaven on earth".

The dana nature reserve, and adventure seekers can live it up in the gulf of Aqaba, Jordan's red sea resort, home of the finest coral reefs in the world, and a haven for water sportsmen. Possibilities for the most thrilling holiday of your life are limitless.
Let us help you explore the ancient roman cities of Bella, Um Qais, Jerash and Philadelphia, the modern city capital of Amman; travel the ancient kings highway from Aqaba to Damascus; or absorb the faded glory of the desert castles, a lasting tribute to early Islam. It will be our pleasure to dazzle you with Jordan's other treasures, too.

Not far from amman lies the city of Madaba, the city of mosaics, where rests the first geological chart of the Middle East constructed entirely of mosaic tile, from here we invite you to visit Mount Nebo, the burial place of Moses from whence he first viewed the Promised Land.
Dahlan tours & travel offers air tickets to any destination in the world and would like to help you plan your holiday accommodation throughout the Middle East in co-operation with our agents in Cairo, Beirut, Damascus, Turkey and Dubai. We hope to see you soon sincerely, M.Dahlan, managing director, dahlan tours & travel.