- Arab Turkey Systems (ATS) is an information technology solutions provider, was established in the first quarter of 1992, in Amman, Jordan, to meet the growing requirements of integrated, multi-lingual, web enabled and available of the internet informationsystems in the Middle East and other regions of the world. Distinguished products and services offered by ATS, guantee complete customer satisfaction based on the ISO-9001 standards adopted by ATS. The activities of the company cover diversified areas of applications. Those areas of interest include the Education Environment; Oil companies Financial and Administration Affairs Management; Business Management; and Production Control. Other activities include providing Consultation Services related to the IT; and the Outsourcing Services.

All of ATS products are Oracle based, comprehensive, integrated, bilingual, user friendly, easy to use, with high appliance with security and integrity requirements Environments of development include Oracle RDBMS and its tools (Oracle Developer, and Oracle Designer); VB Script; C; C++; ASP and Java Script. The technical staff are added value from both the deep know how knowledge in the fields of applications, and their sound, strong technical background and academic qualifications. The R&D activities are distinguishedand given considerable attention in ATS. Applications software developed by ATS are running in institutionand entrprises in Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, North Africaand United Arabia Emirates.