Established as a family-owned and operated enterprise in 1951, ATGTCC has evolved into an experienced leader providing a multitude of services spanning the areas of shipping, land transport, customs clearance, and inspection. Catering to the needs of a diversity of high caliber clientele, ATGTCC provides premium quality services that are marked by excellence, expedience and diligence. Globalization of trade and economic integration demand a versatility of services that are responsive to the ever-changing mechanisms of trade.

Throughout the years ATGTCC has demonstrated its adaptability and responsiveness to the ever-changing mechanisms of global trade, through the procurement of new technologies and through the integration of efficient service practices. Blending a qualified staff of customer-oriented professionals with superlative managerial expertise, ATGTCC is poised to serve its clients with quality and continuity.

Quality Policy:

The quality policy adopted by ATGTCC stipulates the following: "The management and staff of ATGTCC are dedicated to the provision of premium quality services through diligence in handling the shipments of our clients, expedience in rendering our services, and through the progressive procurement and implementation of new technological systems".

Corporate Goals:
Expanding operations to serve a larger clientele base. Penetrating new markets, both locally and internationally. Continuous procurement and integration of new technologies, with an emphasis on information technology.