To briefly introduce our company, Amman Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd. (ATSCO), was established in Amman, Jordan in 1990. The company was pioneered to provide the shipping and trade capabilities, via all transportation methods (land, sea, or air) for local and international transactions between the port of Aqaba and the Middle East. Further, due to ATSCO's nine years of experience in international forwarding, import/export, and transit clearance, ATSCO has been able to create a highly accredited shipping and trading company. Also, our nine years in the industry has allowed us to acquired the highest number of reputable clients and provide our clients with entire shipping and trading needs in the most cost efficient and dependable manner.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the most cost advantageous, safe, and reliable method to execute their shipping and trading needs. In addition, to provide the ability for our customers to execute their shipping and trading transactions from the port of Aqaba to throughout the Middle East, primarly Iraq.
Also, to provide services that can executed from all over the world to the port of Iraq, Umm-Qaser, and from the Umm-Qaser port to all provinces in Iraq.