Arab banking Corporation (Jordan) was established in Jordan in early 1990 as a subsidiary of Arab Banking Corporation, a Bahraini based bank.
The bank operates as a universal bank in the Kingdom of Jordan and undertakes commercial banking activities in addition to some investment and non-credit activities.

Commercial banking activities are interest based (interest bearing deposits funding and interest earning credit); whereas the investment and non-credit activities earn fees and do not rely on investment in risk assets. Commercial banking is also associated with related ancillary services such as Bills for Collection, Foreign Remittances, Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee. Investment banking services comprises activities of Brokerage in Securities (through a subsidiary of the bank), Corporate Finance Services, F/X trading on spot and margin trading basis, securities trading and Visa card services. ABC(Jordan) is a leading bank in Jordan in terms of capital adequacy and growth rate.

The bank uses state of the art banking technology to maintain its growth. Supported by the worldwide network of ABC units that exists in 37 countries, ABC(Jordan) offers excellent unique capability to meet customer requirements inside and outside Jordan.

Board of Directors
Mr. Mohammed A. Al-Mannai Chairman
Mr. George Karam Deputy Chairman
Mr. Mustapha Achour

Representing Arab Banking Corporation (BSC) -Bahrain Director
Mr. Shafiq Zawaideh Representing ABC (IT) Ltd. (London) Director
Sheikh Rashid Al-Khalifa Director
Dr. Khaled S. Kawan
Representing ABC Securities WLL, Bahrain Director